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Below we have listed the common timeshare resale questions we receive with detailed information.

A timeshare is a holiday format where owners have a specific time period (week number) or right to use in accommodation like an apartment, villa, boat, cottage or lodge. Ownerships can be for a fixed lease period or in perpetuity. The ownership can deeded or held through a club trustee system which owners are issued with membership documents/certificate. Timeshare ownership also extends to a “floating” flexible system where owners can choose different time periods to holiday within during the calendar year. There is also timeshare points ownership which allows points to be used for flexible travel to large portfolio of timeshare resorts in varied destinations.

Although, timeshare is naturally assumed as a holiday related ownership there are hundreds of other variations which include handbags, supercars, private jets, and many other products and services which form part of the shared ownership economy.

As a company we operate timeshare the holiday accommodation format.

The huge majority of timeshare resorts are affiliated to a timeshare exchange company. The two main companies are RCI and Interval International both offering a huge portfolio where owners of timeshare can deposit their owner annual occupancy period and exchange to resorts across the World. The, portfolio of resorts extend into the thousands. There are more smaller and niche market exchange companies which may provide specific exchange systems or deal in certain areas of the World.

A great example of exchange is best described as follows: Owning a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare allows you the chance to join Interval International from where you have access to the 53 other Marriott timeshare resorts across the World and the thousands of other resorts affiliated to Interval International which you can exchange to.

A timeshare resale relates to a secondary purchase and sale of a previously purchased timeshare ownership. A lot of clients will purchase their ownership directly from the developer of a timeshare resort. At the point the owner no longer wishes to retain their ownership they may decide that they wish to offer their ownership for resale.

Timeshare resales can be conducted privately or a through a broker, in the same way estate agents act in property transactions.

Timeshare resales are generally much cheaper than the first time purchase direct from a resort or marketing company which often include the huge initial building costs, marketing and sales costs which are incurred.

When you choose to purchase a timeshare resale you are cutting out the huge marketing and sales cost and purchasing at a fraction of the initial cost paid. You are also purchasing direct from a previous owner who will have enjoyed their timeshare for many years and will be happy to achieve a fair market price on the resale market.

A resort calendar is a document produced by all resorts which shows the calendar with specific check in and out dates for a period of years into the future. This helps owners carefully plan their holiday time each year.

The different season colours refer to specific time periods throughout the year when an ownership may be used. Different resorts use different calendar and as a general example, Silver is the low season, Gold the mid seasons/off peak and the Platinum is peak and high season. Check with a member of our team who will clearly identify this information for you.

Maintenance fees cover the annual charge you pay whilst owning a timeshare ownership. The maintenance fees cover the upkeep of your accommodation, the common areas.

We have a dedicated in house administration and contract department that handles the ownership checks, purchase and sales agreement and will liaise with the resort agents to complete the legal transfer of ownership, keeping both vendor and purchaser fully up to date throughout the process.

Yes, you can allow your friends and family to take advantage of your ownership. You will need to contact your resort and let them know about the person who will use the ownership. Some resorts charge will charge a small guest certificate cost.

You can offer your ownership for rent if you are unable to use your ownership. You can rent privately or use a timeshare rental company who will take care of the entire process for you.

Our in house administration and contracts department carry out a comprehensive encumbrance check on all ownerships that we resell. This includes a number of checks with the resort to ensure all maintenance fees are up to date and to ensure occupancy is free and ready for your usage. We employ the services of an escrow agent who will hold the balance monies during the transfer of ownership process. The funds are not released until the transfer of ownership is fully completed.

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